Friday, January 15, 2010

How to take off professional nails off?

i got my nails done and i'm trying to take them off i don't hasve nail polish remover i was wondering if there was another wayHow to take off professional nails off?
There is no other HEALTHY way to remove acrylic (assuming that's what you have). Many people just crack and then peel them off but this can take several layers of your natural nail off as well, leaving your natural nail beds tender and sensitive, not to mention ugly! I recommend you buy a bottle of pure acetone, not just nail polish acetone remover. Pure acetone is the safest way to remove acrylic or fiberglass nails. Soak them for a while in a small bowl of the acetone and then file with a coarse buffer or scrape them with an 'wooden orange stick.' Keep on repeating this until the additions are all melted off.

If you don't have the time to sit and soak, you can just use a very coarse file and file them down to your natural nail. The drawback with this is that your fingertips may be a bit sore later from all the sawing back and forth motion. You might also file a few layers of your natural nail off.

Whatever you do don't CHIP them off them off in pieces!How to take off professional nails off?
The best and safest way to remove acrylic or any other type of nail enhancement is to have them soaked off. It's not good to have them clipped or ripped off. If a salon tries to do that run out the door! The proper way is to soak them in acetone. It takes longer but is better for your nails. If you don't want to sit there with your fingers in a bowl of acetone try this trick. Completely wet 10 pieces of cotton with acetone. Place one cotton on each fingernail. Put on gloves. Go about your business...checking on them every 20 minutes or so. When the acrylic starts to soften or come off you can help it by buffing gently. Hope this helps
other than to rip them off, no way that I know of. Cut the ends off and let them grow out till they get loose? or just get some nail varnish remoover, or go to a nail place and get them removed
my mom is a nail tech....cut them as short as possible, then soak them in acetone, you can get it at a beauty supply store or walgreens...DONT RIP THEM OFF!!!!!! it will tear up your natural nails. when they are off, put a clear coat on your nails to prevent further damage. they will be very, very weak and will take a few weeks to be 'normal' again.
you need to soak them in acitone nail poilish remover. most nail polish remover is non acitone. do not rip them off it will rip your nail beds!!!!
I would highly recommend going back to the salon and have them soak them off. Believe me , I know. I still have some acrylic left on my nails after months of trying to soak them off myself. They use 100% real acetone and it really dissolves it compeltly. Regular nail polish remover is no where near strong enough to take them off. Plus, it'll take you forever and you'll probably have to file them off at the same time. The only other option is to just rip them off ,but you'll probably rip up part of your nailbed too. Just pay 20 bucks and have the professionals do it. They'll have them off in no time and with less damage to your natural nail.

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